Custom Monuments

A custom monument is a personalized memorial that is designed to honor and remember an individual who has passed away. Unlike traditional monuments, which often have standardized designs and limited options for personalization, custom monuments can be tailored to reflect the unique qualities and personality of the person being remembered.

One of the greatest advantages of a custom monument is that it allows you to create a lasting tribute that truly reflects the life and legacy of your loved one. You can choose from a wide range of materials, shapes, sizes, and designs, and work closely with a skilled craftsman or artist to create a one-of-a-kind memorial that captures the essence of your loved one.

Custom monuments can take many forms, from simple headstones or markers to elaborate statues or sculptures. Some families choose to include personal touches, such as photographs, quotes, or other mementos, to further personalize the monument.

Custom Memorial Carvings

The article discusses custom memorial carvings as a unique way to honor a loved one. The carvings come in various shapes and sizes, including statues and pillars, and are typically made from the same stone as the memorial. Customizing a memorial requires decisions regarding etchings and shapes, and consulting with a memorial designer can help in choosing the best options. The article showcases a double monument as an example of a customized memorial that uses the edge of the stone to enhance the image of a tree, and includes a loving inscription and portrait. Custom memorial carvings are a special way to honor the spirit of a loved one and create a fitting tribute that will last for decades. The article concludes by emphasizing the importance of seeking professional help to create a personalized and meaningful memorial carving.

Custom Upright Memorials

The article discusses the benefits of choosing custom upright memorials to honor a loved one’s memory. These memorials can be personalized to reflect the individual’s personality, interests, and life story, creating a meaningful and unique tribute. The design can include specific details and symbols that were important to the person, such as sculptures of favorite animals or musical notes and instruments. Additionally, the memorial can include engraved information about the person, such as their name, birth and death dates, and a brief biography. Choosing a custom upright memorial ensures that the loved one’s legacy will be remembered for generations to come, and the article emphasizes the importance of personalizing the memorial to create a fitting tribute.

Heart Shaped Memorials

Heart-shaped memorials are a unique and beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one who has passed away. Made from granite, they come in a wide variety of colors and designs, including the popular pair of hearts design for companion monuments. Heart-shaped memorials can be customized with engravings of the person’s name, dates, and a special message or quote, as well as a photo. They offer a personal and sentimental touch, symbolizing love and affection. By choosing a heart-shaped memorial, you can ensure that your loved one’s memory will be honored and remembered for generations to come. It is recommended to work with a memorial designer to get the best outcome and ensure that your investment in the history and legacy of your family is honored.

Custom Memorial Materials and Accessories

Choosing the right memorial materials and accessories can be a challenging task when honoring the memory of a loved one. Traditional headstones and grave markers are common, but customized memorial materials, including plaques and headstones, are popular alternatives. These materials can be designed to reflect the personality and interests of the deceased, with images, symbols, or quotes meaningful to them. They can be made from natural stones, metal, glass, and even wood. Personalized accessories, such as benches, statues, or flower beds, can also be added to the gravesite, creating a peaceful and reflective environment for visitors. The memorial can be inscribed in different ways, including a more detailed life story or a favorite quote or poem. A specialized memorial designer can help create a personalized tribute that captures the essence of the deceased, bringing comfort to those who visit the gravesite. Morris Monuments offers a range of options for custom memorial materials and accessories.


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