Custom Memorial Carvings

A custom memorial carving will stand out in the cemetery for years. Such a statement piece is an exquisite way to honor your loved one. These custom carvings come in many shapes, it can be a statue or pillar and it is usually carved from the same stone that the memorial is built from.

Speak with a memorial designer from Morris Monuments who specializes in granite memorials. We take great care to customize your memorial.

Custom Memorial Carvings

Important Details

Custom Memorial Carvings come in many shapes and sizes. Custom memorials can be carved in any shape you can imagine, they can also be left with a more natural look. 

When you design a custom monument there are so many decisions that have to be made. Speaking with a memorial designer will help to clear up which etchings and shapes will work well with your chosen granite color. 

Custom Memorial Carvings

Custom Memorial Carving Design

Custom Memorial Carvings are perfect to honor your unique loved one. Sometimes a traditional, simple memorial just won’t honor your loved one’s spirit the way you want. That is why we offer a way to completely customize your memorial. 

The Rochm Monument pictured is a loving tribute to Jodi and Jace. This monument is special because it is a double monument but these were mother and son, rather than a couple. This tribute uses the edge of the stone to enhance the image of the tree. The loving inscription and the portrait add a personal touch that will last for decades to come. 

Custom Memorial Carvings

In Conclusion

In conclusion, custom memorial carvings are a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. These carvings can take on many different forms, from statues and sculptures to plaques and markers. With the help of professional memorial designers, families can create a piece that is truly fitting for their loved one and will keep their memory alive for years to come.

Custom Memorial Carvings

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