Bench Memorials

Bench memorials are some of the most unique memorials and some of our favorite to create. Being that they are accepted within communities, well, everywhere, they make for elegant memorials that work with the scene around them, as opposed to being the center of attention.

With a bench memorial, the direction is paramount especially when placing them outside of any cemetery. We have experience placing benches all over Colorado and would love to dedicate your favorite spot to the person that loves it most.

In this article we will briefly comment on some of the main differences of the various bench styles we offer and if any one in-particular catches your eye, please dive deeper and then get in touch with our memorial design staff to get started.

Pedestal Bench Memorials

Pedestal Bench Memorials

Like the cairns along the trails throughout the Rockies, our pedestal bench memorial design is a simple stack of 2 stones, one atop the the other. The pedestal (Bottom) is a large often flat faced stone that is likely the bulk of the engraving and story. The Seat (Top) is often left plain in polish or lightly engraved with the family name or focal point text.

Pedestal Benches can also house the remains and are often used as cremation memorials. Up to 3 – 6″ urns can be made to fit within the pedestal itself. For those looking to take a deeper dive into pedestal bench memorials click here.

Park Bench Memorials

Park Bench Memorials are a 4-piece memorial design crafted for both memorial and utility. The thing that sets this design apart is the slightly tilted back that is set upright and held by the leg supports. This back is the grand statement of the bench memorial and likely the focal point of your design.

With park benches, they are most often “All-Polish”, meaning that every showing face of granite is engrave-able. This leaves our designers with tons of room to engrave and help you to tell your whole story. Read more about Park Bench Memorials here.

Rustic Cremation Bench Memorials

Cremation Benches are one of our unique adaptions to the growing cremation trend and movement of people not wanting to be physically buried but still have a place to come and grieve. Our Rustic Cremation Memorial Benches house up to two urns (one in either of the pedestal legs) and will withstand the weather and elements through time, keeping the final remains housed within safe forever.
Far more of a statement piece, these rustic benches can be engraved on any flat surface of the stone for maximum space to story tell upon. For best results, we recommend speaking to our expert memorial staff to find just the right material for your project. Click Here to learn more about Cremation Memorial Benches.

Traditional Bench Memorials

Traditional Bench Memorials encompass the first and most common version of the Bench Memorial. Traditionally, 2 legs as supports and a seat make up this style. No back, no room for cremation remains, just plan and simply a beautiful memorial tribute.
While traditional benches may be simple and elegant, they actually have a ton of possible customization to be able to help you tell your story in stone. Please read on in our article here to learn more about Traditional Bench Memorials.

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