Slant Memorials With Mountaintop

One popular design for slant memorials is the mountaintop design. This style features a depiction of a mountain peak, often with a sunrise or sunset in the background, etched or carved into the stone. The mountain symbolizes strength and permanence, while the sunrise or sunset represents the start or end of a journey. 

These unique monuments stand out in many cemeteries because they are not the typical upright memorial shape. When you endeavor to honor a unique it is important to take all their favorite things into account. Speaking with a memorial designer will help you cover all your bases as you honor them. 

Slant Memorials With Mountaintop

Important Details

Slant memorials, also known as oblique or tilted headstones, are a unique and modern take on traditional upright headstones. These memorials are designed to be angled, rather than standing upright, and are often placed on a small slope or raised platform to create a sense of movement and fluidity.

The slant design of these memorials adds a sense of movement and dynamic energy to the mountaintop horizon. The angle of the stone also allows for a more detailed and intricate design, as the carver can use the slope of the stone to their advantage. This eye-catching design will stand out in many cemeteries because this carving technique is one of the newest. 

Slant Memorials With Mountaintop

Traditional Slant Design

In addition to the aesthetic appeal, slant memorials also have practical advantages. They are often easier to maintain and clean than upright headstones, as dirt and debris do not accumulate in the same way. They also take up less space in a cemetery, making them a good option for those with limited plot space.

When you speak with a memorial designer they can show you how your memorial will look. From the picturesque mountaintop to the loving inscription, Morris Monuments is here to make sure your loved one’s legacy is captured in stone. 

Slant Memorials With Mountaintop

In Conclusion

Slant memorials with mountaintop designs are a beautiful and unique way to honor a loved one. The combination of the angled stone and the powerful imagery of the mountaintop create a memorial that is both visually striking and deeply meaningful. If you’re looking for a modern and timeless way to remember your loved one, a slant memorial with a mountaintop design is a great option to consider.

Slant Memorials With Mountaintop

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