Single Flat Gravestone

A single flat gravestone is a thoughtful way to honor your loved one. When it comes to building a monument there are many factors that need to be considered including space and personalization. Speaking with a memorial designer can get your ideas carved in stone while taking every detail into consideration. 

Single flat headstones are typically less expensive than upright headstones which makes them a great option. There are also considerations to be made with the cemetery. Have you already bought a plot? This will decide what cemetery rules need to be followed and how much space you have to work with. 

Single Flat Gravestone

Important Details

Single Flat Gravestones come in one size, 24″ by 12″. This helps cemeteries be able to better organize different areas of their cemetery to optimize the number of people that can be interred there. This size does not stop your ability to personalize your stone or tell your loved one’s story. 

Flat gravestones are buried in the ground so that it is flush with the dirt. For this reason it is important to check with your cemetery that they are keeping up with the lawn maintenance and that they don’t drive mowers over the stones, as this can leave blade marks. 

Single Flat Gravestone

Traditional Single Flat Gravestone Design

Speaking of maintenance, flat gravestones are easier to maintain as they are less likely to be tipped over or become damaged. Many cemeteries have specific areas where flat headstones are allowed. Also, being at a well-cared-for cemetery with a legacy program to take care of the stones for decades to come is important. 

The next thing to talk with a memorial builder about is space, flat gravestones take up less space in a cemetery than an upright headstone, which can be important if space is limited. Every headstone holds valuable information including name, birth, and death dates. Although flat monuments take up less space, the engraving area is still enough to personalize your monument with images or portraits. 

Each monument we build is meant to capture the life of a loved one. Morris Monument’s designers are here to build the monument that will allow your loved one’s legacy to be clear for decades to come. Some people may prefer the simple, understated look of a flat gravestone over a more elaborate design. While others still want an elaborate look without the upright memorial price tag.

Single Flat Gravestone

In Conclusion

No matter what memorial you choose keep in mind the traditions your family member holds dear. In some cultures, flat gravestones are the norm and are seen as a traditional way to mark a grave. You can choose to incorporate almost any traditional image on the gravestone to further personalize their memorial. 

It’s important to note that the decision of what type of headstone to buy is a personal one and should be based on the individual’s preferences and what they feel best honors the memory of their loved one. We have many years of experience doing just that and we would love to meet to further design the perfect single flat gravestone for your loved one. 

Single Flat Gravestone

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