Pedestal Bench Memorials

Pedestal bench memorials are a unique and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one or to commemorate a special event or organization. These benches are typically made of durable materials such as granite and feature a decorative pedestal base with a bench seat on top.

One of the key benefits of a pedestal bench memorial is that it offers a physical place for people to sit and reflect on the life of the person. This can be especially meaningful for families and friends who are grieving the loss of a loved one, as it provides a place for them to gather and remember their loved one together.

Pedestal Bench Memorials

Important Details

Pedestal Bench Memorials are most commonly 48″ wide with a single pedestal as the base and a granite tablet for the seat. Every thing on the monument is customizable. Starting with the pedestal base, engraving can be added similar to what would go on the headstone. Then you have the entire seat area to further tell your loved one’s story.  Bench monuments are one of the most versatile monuments that you can choose to honor your loved one.   

Pedestal Bench Memorials

Pedestal Bench Design

Pedestal bench memorials can be designed in different styles and sizes and can include a variety of different granite colors. This allows for a truly unique and personalized tribute that truly honors the memory of the loved one.

The Carpenter Bench pictured is a great example of a completely custom design. The pedestal is rough hewn on the sides to add a rustic and natural charm to the piece. The face of the pedestal holds all the epitaph information a traditional upright headstone would. With the added scenery of mountains, deer and woods. Then the seat of the bench is well polished and the added important images to the couple give you a glimpse into their lives. This monument truly tells a loving and giving life story. 

Pedestal Bench Memorials

In Conclusion

Overall, pedestal bench memorials are a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. They offer a physical place for people to sit and reflect, serve as a lasting tribute, and can be customized to match the specific needs and preferences of the individual. If you are considering a pedestal bench memorial, be sure to work with a memorial designer, like those at Morris Monument, who will help you design and install a bench that truly honors the memory of your loved one or event.

Pedestal Bench Memorials

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