Park Bench Memorials

 In their time of grief, many people find comfort in remembering and honoring the memory of their loved ones in special ways. One unique way to do this is through a park bench memorial.

A park bench memorial is a bench that is dedicated in memory of a loved one and placed in a public park or other outdoor space. The bench can be inscribed with the loved one’s name and a special message, such as a quote or a meaningful phrase. Some families also choose to include a small plaque or marker next to the bench.

Park Bench Memorials

Important Details

Park bench memorials can be built in two sizes, 36″ single seat and the more popular 48″ double seat. The name “park” bench is a little misleading, the “park” portion actually refers to the back of this bench not where it will be placed. So park bench memorials can be placed in cemeteries, gardens, and other locations. 

Bench memorials are one of the most versatile monuments that you can choose to honor your loved one.  Every thing on the monument is customizable. From the legs to the engraving you can build your monument to capture the life of your loved one. 

Park Bench Memorials

Park Bench Design

The beauty of a park bench memorial is that it serves as a lasting and tangible reminder of the loved one. Not only does it provide a place for people to sit and reflect, but it also serves as a reminder of the loved one to all those who pass by. It’s a way to remember the person and the moments they shared with you and your loved ones.

The McCracken park bench memorial is extra special with the base it was placed on carrying the hand prints of the loved ones who built the memorial. Also the intricate etching on the back of the park bench is personalized and unique. From the Christian imagery to the semi truck and Jason’s favorite tree line, every portion of this monument was thought through. 

In Conclusion

Overall, a park bench memorial is a beautiful way to honor and remember a loved one. It provides a lasting reminder of the person and the memories shared, and it can serve as a place for others to sit and reflect. If you’re considering a park bench memorial for a loved one, be sure to speak with a memorial designer so they can help you get every detail right. 

Park Bench Memorials

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