Flat Grave Markers, Headstones, & Memorials.

The Flat Grave Marker is by and large one of the most prevalent memorials chosen by loved ones when deciding to memorialize a recently passed friend or family member. Placed flush with the ground, or laid to rest atop a foundation, The granite color you choose will show and aid in the design and overall look of the memorial. Flat markers aren’t only meant for one person, they can even be elongated to allow for multiple people (3+) as one whole family monument. No matter the memorial size, shape, or color, our Expert Emerson Monuments Staff is here to aid in crafting the story of your loved one into a beautiful monument.

Flat Grave Marker Granite Color Options

Our selection of high-quality granite colors is sampled and selected for its high durability and ability to hold and maintain both the memorials design and its color over time. Where a grey or black memorial may be a more traditional memorial granite color to choose, we highly recommend sitting down with one of our expert memorial designers and let them show you the beautiful designs that a Mahogany, Blue Pearl, or Morning Rose colored memorial could host

Flat Grass Marker Memorial Design Considerations

Typically, a flat grass marker is made with the intent of being laid flush with the grass at the cemetery. Most likely laid at the head or the top of the burial plot, a Flat Grass Marker is likely the holder of one name of the deceased, their date of birth and their date of passing. Measuring 24 inches by 12 inches (Most Popular Marker Size) the most common of all markers can even be customized with engraved favorite activities and other loves from their past. A beautiful mosaic of engraving can encompass the story of your loved one that says much more than words alone. In our memorial design meeting, we will be covering all of the details of your loved one’s life that made them who they were. You have a whole front panel to help design when it comes to the story of your loved one. Let our expert staff help you in engraving their memorial today.

FAQ: Flat Grave Markers

When You Talk About Flat Grave Marker Prices; What is Considered a "Cheap Flat Grave Marker"?

A Cheap or Inexpensive Memorial in Arkansas Starts at $300 and quickly goes up from there once you start customizing the design. Many factors play a role in the cost of your loved one’s headstone. The Granite color you choose for instance will drastically affect the overall cost.

How Detailed Can You Get With a Picture on a Flat Grave Stone

There has been quite a shift in technology to allow for us monument builders to deliver a memorial with beautiful full-color portraits in porcelain, or even laser-etched micro memorialization that pins out a fully etched picture. Basically, we can memorialize just about any scene or story you need to tell.

What are Your Typical Flat Marker Sizes?

  1. Single Person Flat Grave Marker: 12″x 24″
  2. Companion Or Two Person Grave Marker: 12″x 36″
  3. Full Ledger Flat Memorial Markers: 47″x81″
  4. Multiple Person Or Veteran Flat Memorial Marker: Please Speak With A Memorial Designer

What Does Emerson Monument Do for Flat Grave Marker Installation?

Our Mission is to bring all aspects of your loved one’s memorial to a beautiful completion, coordinate with your chosen cemetery, go out and set the monument for many generations to come and admire. We offer this total installation package as a free of charge add-on when you purchase your memorial through us at Emerson Monument.

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