Flat Gravestones With Vases

 Flat gravestones with vases are just as they sound, but they can be personalized and are very cost-effective monuments. These memorials offer several benefits including being low maintenance and highly durable. When you add a vase to any monument you add another way that loved ones can honor the deceased. 

Building a monument for a loved one is a challenging task. Speaking with a memorial designer, like those at Morris Monument, can help you focus on the essential details and build a monument you can be proud of. Working through the design process allows you to choose the perfect elements and inscriptions to capture a lifetime of memories.

Flat Gravestones With Vases

Important Details

Flat gravestones can come in many sizes, although they are exclusively rectangular. When you add a vase to these monuments they can be in the base granite or the monument granite. Just as with any memorial, there are many decisions to be made about how you will capture a singular picture of your loved one’s time on Earth. 

Flat gravestones with vases are usually made from granite which makes them low maintenance and durable. Granite is known for being a stone that is slow to weather and easy to clean. Those traits make it perfect for flat monuments that may get grass clippings and dirt on them from time to time. 

Flat Gravestones With Vases

Flat Gravestones with Vases Design

Flat gravestones with vases take up much less space than other memorials. The vases can be hidden in the stone also so that when they are not in use they are low profile. Some cemeteries do not allow for large upright monuments, so it is important to double-check any cemetery regulations. 

The addition of a vase to your flat marker brings versatility to how you can honor your loved one. The stone itself tells the story of your loved one but the addition of fresh flowers and other decorations speaks volumes about their legacy. It is rare to see a monument with fresh flowers a decade after a death, so making such an effort shows the love that the family shares.

Flat Gravestones With Vases

In Conclusion

Flat gravestones with vases  are less expensive than upright headstones but can be customized to the same degree. A flat gravestone can tell your loved one’s story without drawing so much attention, while the vase can make clear your love for them. 

No matter how you choose to honor your loved one, a flat gravestone with vase is a good option. Speaking with a memorial designer will help you decide on the best material and images to tell their story and the vase will allow you to grieve and remember your loved one for decades.

Flat Gravestones With Vases

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