Flat Gravestones for Couples

Flat gravestones for couples, also known as companion gravestones or double headstones, are a popular choice for those who want to be buried next to their significant other. Many cemeteries have rules governing the type of headstone that can be placed in specific areas so choosing a flat gravestone can help you abide by their regulations. 

Flat gravestones for couples take up less space in the cemetery, making them a good option if space is limited. You might have purchased a double plot where the bodies are buried one on top of the other, or you may have adjoining plots. In either case, a couple’s headstone is a perfect way to commemorate the love these companions shared in life and into eternity.

Flat Gravestones for Couples

Important Details

Flat Gravestones for Couples can be 36″ or 48″ by 12″. These options make it easy to fit your couple’s monument to their grave plot. These details also allow for more or less personalization. No matter the size of the monument you choose, your memorial designer will help you reflect the soul of your loved one in the stone. 

Couple’s markers are built to tell three stories in one. Each of the individuals should be honored as well as their love story. Some designs do this very obviously, including birth, death and wedding dates. Other designs are more subtle, using the couple’s favorite location as a background or their favorite flowers as a symbol of their eternity together. 

Flat Gravestones for Couples

Traditional Flat Gravestone for Couples Design

With many new engraving techniques, a flat gravestone can give a modern and streamlined look to the couple’s memorial. These details are important to decide with a memorial designer because of their experience. A monument builder is a great resource to clearly capture the image of a flat gravestone for couples. 

These stones can also be personalized with inscriptions, carvings, or photographs to commemorate the lives of the individuals buried there. The inscriptions can be traditional or wedding dates and other important snippets can be added. Some couples choose to add children’s names or images of their favorite places. 

Flat Gravestones for Couples

In Conclusion

Ultimately, the decision of whether to buy a flat gravestone for couples or another type of headstone will depend on your personal preferences and the specific needs and circumstances of your situation. Speaking with a memorial designer at Morris Monument company will make the design and placement of the monument more smooth. At such a stressful time we would love to be a resource that removes just a little of the grief you are experiencing. 

Flat Gravestones for Couples

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