Bevel Memorials For Couples

When it comes to honoring the memory of a loved one, there are countless ways to do so. One of the most meaningful and beautiful options is to create a bevel memorial for couples. These types of memorials are designed to pay tribute to two people who were deeply in love and shared a lifetime together. With such a long shared history it is easy to see why they would want to be honored in death with a companion headstone. 

Bevel memorials for couples are not only a beautiful way to remember your loved ones, but they also serve as a symbol of the love and devotion that the couple shared throughout their lives. The smooth lines and elegant design of these memorials reflect the union of two individuals, and the way in which they complemented each other in life. With personal images from their favorite place or an inscription of their marriage date, each couple’s memorial tells a clear story of their devotion. 

Bevel Memorials For Couples

Important Details

Bevel Memorials for Couples come in many of the same sizes as other flat monuments. Companion memorials are normally 36″ or 48″ by 12″ which gives ample space to honor each individual’s lives as well as their love story.

 As pictured, couple’s monuments don’t always have to come in one granite piece. There are many options to choose when honoring your loved ones. From the type of granite to the images or portraits that adorn the stone, the possibilities are endless. 

Bevel Memorials For Couples

Traditional Companion Bevel Design

One of the most special aspects of bevel memorials for couples is that they can be customized to reflect the unique personalities and memories of the individuals being honored. From the color of the stone to the engravings and imagery, every aspect of the memorial can be tailored to reflect the couple’s life together. There are also accessories that can be added to the headstone, including portraits, quotes, and raised images.

Contacting a memorial designer at Morris Monument will help guide you through the design process. This helps to ensure that no detail is missed and that cemetery regulations are being met. Many cemeteries have specific rules regarding what type of monuments can be placed in different cemetery sections. Your designer will help with every choice and support you through this tough time.

Bevel Memorials For Couples

In Conclusion

As you consider ways to honor the memory of your loved ones, know that a bevel memorial for couples is a beautiful and meaningful option. With so many options to make the memorial their own, it is clear that this monument will tell a loving story.  It is not only a beautiful tribute to their love story, but also a lasting reminder of the love and devotion they shared throughout their lives. 

Bevel Memorials For Couples

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