Bevel Grave Marker With Vase

One way to properly honor your loved one’s memory is by purchasing a beautiful bevel grave marker with a vase. These markers are not only a way to commemorate the life of your loved one, but they serve as a symbol of your lasting love and devotion. When you add a vase to any memorial it makes it clear that the loved ones left behind are eager to continue to honor the loved one that was lost. 

A bevel grave marker is a type of flat marker that is placed at the head of a grave. It typically features a polished surface with a raised bevel, which gives it a sleek and modern look. The traditional material used for headstones is granite, which also makes the stone more cost-effective.

Bevel Grave Marker With Vase

Important Details

Bevel Grave Marker With Vase are a more modern twist on traditional flat markers. These markers come in the same sizes, but bevel markers are raised about 3″ from the ground in the front and 8-10″ at the back of the stone. This design is why it is called a bevel marker.

When you add a vase to any headstone you have multiple options of where it is placed and even whether it is regularly visible or not. Vases come in different materials and designs, but are most commonly made from bronze and granite. They can match the stone or add another design element. All of the details that go into your loved one’s headstone can sound overwhelming, but our memorial designers are happy to lead you though the process in a concise way. 

Bevel Grave Marker With Vase

Traditional Bevel Design

Bevel grave marker with vase is a unique way to honor your loved one. This style of monument is more modern than upright monuments or flat markers. 

Our featured bevel design is one of the most unique memorials we have built for a couple. The Green’s lived a full life exploring the woods and mountains surrounding their rustic home. The mountains on the monument mark their favorite range and the etching on the face is a replication of a picture they brought us. 

Our designer was so excited to build such a perfectly personal monument for these love birds. We would love to build the perfect legacy in stone for you too. 

Bevel Grave Marker With Vase

In Conclusion

Overall, a bevel grave marker with a vase is a beautiful and meaningful way to honor the memory of a loved one. Not only does it serve as a lasting tribute, but it also provides a way to keep flowers at the grave site. When choosing a marker, consider the material, design, and company to ensure that you get the perfect marker to honor your loved one.

Bevel Grave Marker With Vase

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